Death Metal!! Here are some of my favorite Death Metal albums, and while some might not be exclusively death metal (erm like brutal death metal, or slam metal, etc.), if I think it belongs in the genre it goes here

skinless - trample the weak, hurdle the dead

Skinless - Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
Released: June 13th, 2006

Favorite Tracks: Overlord, A Unilateral Disgust, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead

A great death metal album by a fairly underrated band I feel, some really awesome brutal tracks here

gojira - from mars to sirius

Gojira - From Mars to Sirius
Released: September 27th, 2005

Favorite Tracks: From the Sky, The Heaviest Matter of the Universe, Flying Whales

This isn't exactly a death metal album but I'd say it's close enough. Awesome band, music and message, it's pretty cool to see a relatively heavy band like this have so many plays and listeners.

death - scream bloody gore

Death - Scream Bloody Gore
Released: May 25th, 1987

Favorite Tracks: Zombie Ritual, Baptized in Blood, Scream Bloody Gore

What else can I say, a true death metal classic. Death was an incredible band and it's terrible Chuck Schuldiner was taken so soon. Death just rules man

suffocation - pierced from within

Suffocation - Pierced from Within
Released: May 23rd, 1995

Favorite Tracks: Pierced from Within, The Invoking, Torn into Enthrallment

Suffocation is a great just straight up death metal band, and this album is my personal favorite of theirs with addicting riffs and vocals

carcass - heartwork

Carcass - Heartwork
Released: October 18th, 1993

Favorite Tracks: Heartwork, Buried Dreams, Blind Bleeding the Blind

I love Carcass, both their more melodeath era and their grindcore stuff too. The guitar tone and riffs on this album are just killer, no one era of Carcass is the only good part, its all gold

carcass - heartwork

Morbid Angel - Gates of Annihilation
Released: October 17th, 2003

Favorite Tracks: Summoning Redemption, He Who Sleeps, God of the Forsaken

Morbid Angel is a great, classic death metal band and this is one of my favorites of theirs. I know it doesn't have their original vocalist but its still killer, Summoning Redemption is soooo good

carcass - heartwork

Dethklok - The Dethalbum
Released: September 25th, 2007

Favorite Tracks: Briefcase Full of Guts, Thunderhorse, Murmaider

I know that Dethklok is sort of a parody band, but the riffs and skills of Brendon Smalls are no joke man. I feel like people might see this as not a "real" metal band, but I think it's awesome, funny, and Dethklok was amazing live. Watch Metalocalypse!!

carcass - heartwork

Obituary - Cause of Death
Released: September 19th, 1990

Favorite Tracks: Infected, Circle of Tyrants, Cause of Death

Another veteran Death Metal band. Just you know, awesome riffs and vocals, another classic DM album all around!

carcass - heartwork

200 Stab Wounds - Slave to the Scalpel
Released: November 12th, 2021

Favorite Tracks: Tow Rope Around the Throat, Stifling Stew, Drilling Your Head

A newer release here is Slave to the Scalpel. A pretty good brutal death metal album, especially as it's their debut album. I haven't listened to much else but give this a try, it is definetely brutal!