Welcome to my Catacomb...

Click the links above to enter my catacombs of metal. Don't lose your mind in my dungeon, if you dare!
Watch out as truly devilish hymns await if you go further, but if you're strong enough then be my guest...

Metal music, as great as it is, can be upsetting to people whether through the music or imagery. Be warned that some of the albums I show here may have gross album covers. Most are pretty tame but y'know just be aware of the one in 10 here that is a bit gory. Can't have metal music without some over the top edge right?

How did you find yourself in such a catacomb in the first place, webmaster?
Well, to be honest I once hated metal music. I thought it was weird and scary, but then again I was like eleven years old and thought Imagine Dragons was awesome The first metal song I ever liked was "King Nothing" by Metallica, and ever since I've loved the genre.

What are your favorite genres of evil?
Well, I'd say that Death, Thrash, Stoner and Sludge are my main faves. Along with these I do like a lot of Nu-Metal, Hardcore, and Heavy Shoegaze.

What if I wanted to get into metal?
Great! Metal is awesome and there's so much that I honestly believe there's something for everyone.
I started off with classic thrash like Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, and later went back and listened to even earlier metal and proto-metal like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio, Deep Purple, and Iron Maiden.

Another great way to get into metal, although I started liking it when I was already into metal is Nu-Metal. Bands like Slipknot, Korn, System of a Down, Deftones and Kittie are all fantastic ways to start appreciating harsher metal sounds.

You're missing like a lot of peak metal dude, what the hell?
I'm gonna be honest, if I filled this page with ALL the metal I liked, it'd go on forever. Also, I'll always be adding new stuff I just don't want to be stuck at my computer for hours adding albums. But, if you see something missing, be sure to tell me about it on my profile/guestbook!!!!