Dreams and Such
Just utter nonsense I swear. This will basically be, as you can see, a dream journal. My dreams usually don't make sense and I DON'T CARE if you DON'T CARE about them. I'm just basically throwing paint at the walls, with words being paint and the walls being html

4/12/24 -
Had a dream that after prom, my friends and I visited a friend's house. Before we got there he told us there'd be a party but when we got there the house was silent!! We walked in and saw him sitting quietly staring at the wall in the dark.
We asked him "where's the party", while looking around when we heard a commotion happening in his media room. We all walked upstairs and the door was locked but we heard all sorts of fun going on. We asked him "who's here?" and he just said in a serious tone "oh those? yeah the monsters are in there. don't go in there" then walked away. That was it, that was the end of the dream. We just all kinda looked at each other without saying a word then I woke up.

4/19/24 -
Had a pretty stressful dream that I had to go and play live in front of a big ass audience on stage with a band. My friends were the band members and I was on lead guitar and vocals. I remember the song we had to play was Toubabo Koomi by Acid Bath, and I didn't know I was vocals until like right before we went up and freaked the hell out because I can't metal scream, much less scream while playing guitar. The whole dream I just felt full of adrenaline and got to the venue where we were supposed to play pretty late, and was all twitchy trying to tie my shoes while people around me were telling me I was gonna be late.
For some reason, the whole building was like a mix between the train station in Half Life 2, and Fruitger Aero. Like the architecture and all that looked all Eastern European, but there were advertisements and screens everywhere with pictures of blue domes, golfish, oranges, flowers, green graphics and all that stuff. Anyways, as I was running to get to where my friends are so I could get my guitar and go up on stage, I was passing by all these people I knew at school and got even more nervous. I got let through by some guy running the ticket booth and got to the stage, guitar in hand and friends with me. I looked around and it was built like an opera house or some shit. I was about ready to turn my amp on and play, when I woke up from some hella loud thunder. Pretty anticlimactic but oh well.

5/15/24 -
The other day my sister got some new mouthwash and I tried it last night. It was really, really gross and lingered in my mouth bro it was nasty. I then had a dream that I went to the bathroom and read the instructions for the mouthwash and it said "For dog and cat use only", and I was like 'oh so that's why it tasted like shit it's for animals'. Pretty silly.