HTML Resources
W3 Schools - This website taught me like 99% of what I know, I couldn't have gone this far without it

GifCities - Find old gifs recovered from geocities sites!

All The Tags - Lists all html/css tags, tbh I forget to use it but it seems helpful

HTML Cheatsheet - Just found this so I've never used it, but it looks really helpful for tricky html stuff

Cadnomori Tutorial - A great, beginner tutorial for html by Cadnomori, contains more resources inside

CSS Gradient - Helpful tool for figuring out color palettes and gradients on your site!

RV's HTML Effects - Contains a few neat HTML effects for your cursor, background and text

Nyaa Graphics - A neocities page with tons of resources for old graphics and materials

SCM Player - The music player I have on my site

Other Cool Websites - A website that takes you to random web 1.0 sites still up and running today!

Marginalia - A website that shows random small sites, a mixed bag of anything out there

Itemlabel - Just go on this website please, its great. I have a cubepy, he's wonderful

Blinkies Cafe - Make and find blinkies from a list of templates!

Lain.angelic-trust - A really neat old Lain fan site, check it out

Ezgif - Easily edit and make gifs!

Glitter Graphics - A site for old gifs and graphics, all the stuff from it is hella old but it's still up! It's funny to see all the comments from a decade ago

Win7Simu - A simulation of the Windows 7 OS

Pixels List - A ton of little pixel icons

Misc. Gifs