Grahh!! Welcome to the SOTW archive!! Can you handle the awesomeness??!

5/26/24 - Sink In, Hello Mary

9/10, I found Hello Mary through their biggest song Ginger (by mySELF before it had a million streams) like 3 years ago or something and I think they're great! I think their songwriting is great and really interesting, the vocals are always nice and match the songs great, and the instruments always sound good. Honestly it took me a while to like them past Ginger as it is their most conventionally rock song but I get it now. I think if you like grunge music you'll really like Hello Mary so check them out!

Recommendations: Ginger, Spiral, Looking Right Into The Sun

5/21/24 - The Hammer, Kublai Khan TX

9/10, Some nasty hardcore for you! As far as extreme music goes these guys are pretty popular and they are really solid. The vocals are always great, they sound full of hate. I might be seeing these guys on Sunday maybe? I have a ticket but my friend I'm planning on going with might ruin EVERYTHING by forgetting to buy a ticket.

Recommendations: Belligerent, True Fear, Us & Them

5/13/24 - The Killing Womb,

9/10, My bad y'all I had exams and just sorta took a break from neocities for a week. Resuming this with some good ole hardcore. I found first, then Fleshwater through them and I think they're both great at what they're going for. This song is aggressive and just pumps me up like good hardcore should, it's great! This whole album is real solid so you should check it out if you like this.

Recommendations: Fear in Non Fiction, Lights Out, Virus://Vibrance

4/28/24 - The Same Place, Centaur

10/10, I think this song is great and I love the build up it has. This is the side project of the guitarist/vocalist from Hum and it has a similar feel to it for sure. Despite the distortion it is a very calming song and I'd recommend the album if you're a Hum fan or like this sort of shoegazy rock

Recommendations: Stars (Hum), Misery (Blimp), and Make It Hurt (Narrow Head)

4/22/24 - Silicone, Mono

10/10, This is a bit different from my other sotw choices, but I decided to switch it up a bit. This is a great triphop song (awesome genre btw), and one of my favs of the genre as a whole. Mono, as I can see, didn't really make a lot of music and a lot of it is remixes, but the stuff they did make was preeetty good. Lowkey tho, while I do love her voice there are a few songs on here I do not love...

Recommendations: The Outsider, The Blind Man, Teardrop (By Massive Attack)

4/15/24 - Pave Paradise, Have Heart

10/10, Love this song, a great hardcore song from an equally cool hardcore album. Pretty good for if you're new to hardcore and want something not crazy extreme but still harsh. Short and sweet, wish it was longer but it's perfect the way it is.

Recommendations: No Roses, No Skies, Bostons, Reflections

4/8/24 - Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden

10/10, I chose this song for many reasons. I just got Superunknown on vinyl, I love this song, I saw the eclipse in its totality today, and it is very close to me. This song always makes me feel a bit sleepy since it always happened to play in my mom's car after driving home from errands and stuff. Besides the personal stuff, this song is just perfect in every way and I don't think any other song would fit better on this specific occasion

Recommendations: 4th of July, The Day I Tried To Live, Jesus Christ Pose

3/31/24 - We Die Young, Alice in Chains

10/10, Jerry and Layne are probably my favorite duo in all of music, they were just so good at complimenting each other and this is concrete proof of that. The riffs and harmonies of Jerry with Layne's vocals just never gets old, one of my favorite songs to play on guitar cause that riff is just killer, cool solo too with those harmonics!!

Recommendations: Them Bones, Love, Hate, Love, Grind

3/24/24 - Heartwork, Carcass

9/10, Wild ass composition man, like some classical masterpiece of metal goodness!!! Not usually a fan of melodeath but this and Carcass's other melodeath stuff is the exception dawg, it's sick!!

Recommendations: Childs Play, Cross My Heart, Unfit for Human Consumption

3/17/24 - The Becoming, Nine Inch Nails

9/10, Spooky ass song dude! This goes crazy and is super dark dude, its a perfect part of The Downward Spiral! Really makes it feel like its too late to come back dude, great stuff!!!

Recommendations: Heresy, March of the Pigs, and Starfuckers Inc.

3/10/24 - Rose Tinted World, Full of Hell/Nothing

10/10, Badass song dude! Dylan's vocals are inhumane the atmosphere this song creates despite its simplicity is mental!

Recommendations: Spend the Grace, Crawling Back to God, and Dichotomy / Vessel Deserted - Live (All Full of Hell)

3/3/24 - Freedom Run, Kyuss

9/10, Awesome track by Kyuss, makes me want to go to my guitar and play it every time I listen!! \m/ I love when Kyuss does those big jam solos man!!

Writhe and Odyssey - Kyuss
Dust Settlin' - Lowrider