Down in a Hole

Hey, welcome to my next music page, focusing on grunge music!

There may be a few bands that could be considered post-grunge or grunge adjacent but if I feel its grunge enough and I like it I'll write about it here...


Dirt - Alice in Chains
9/10 Simply one of the best grunge albums ever, can get a little samey listening to the whole album through though

Facelift - Alice in Chains
9/10 Like this one a little less but I can't but it under 9, so many good tracks

In Utero - Nirvana
10/10 By far my favorite Nirvana album, one of the first vinyls I bought, every song is just perfect I love it

Incesticide - Nirvana
8/10 I feel like people don't really talk about this one, but I think its great. A really cool and different Nirvana album

Superunknown - Soundgarden
8/10 Awesome album, some of my fav tracks on here, 4th of July, Limo Wreck, The Day I Tried To Live, just good all around

Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden
8/10 Bit of a different feel, but just as good, Slaves & Bulldozers, and Jesus Christ Pose are just so cool, for sure a top grunge album

Freakshow - Silverchair
7/10 Awesome album from a grunge (or post-grunge ig) band called Silverchair, Learn to Hate and No Association are both such good songs, but tbh I don't like some of the songs on this album, just like 1 or 2 though.

Purple - Stone Temple Pilots
8/10 STP is for sure one of my favorite grunge bands, and this is my fav album of theirs, It's just really cool and loud, my fav song would have to be Lounge Fly, I really like the structure and verses.

Betty - Helmet
8/10 I wouldn't reeaaally call Helmet a grunge band but I like them enough to put them on my site and don't know where else to put them, and they are 90s alt rock so... Betty is a great album, and really knows how to use timing and 'simple' instrumentation to make a well thought out and awesome experience. Fav songs are: Street Crab, Speechless and I Know

Dirty - Sonic Youth
8/10 Again not really grunge but who cares, Sonic Youth is an incredible band with a LOT of music, but Dirty is prob my favorite. Fav songs are: Purr, Drunken Butterfly and Sugar Kane


Alice in Chains

One of the best, most talented bands of the 90s, with of course Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley being the most well known of the band.
The power and energy they had was really incredible, and it sucked that Layne died the way he did, so isolated from everyone else.


One of my top 5 favorite bands ever, Nirvana is incredible and their song writing is something else man.
Kurt was great at making simple yet catchy and alternative riffs to the point where I don't understand people calling him a bad guitarist, he just stuck to writing simple structures. In Utero is one of my all time fav records, and their music was so full of emotion.


Soundgarden is just crazy man, like Chris Cornell was absurdly talented (playing guitar while singing like that should be impossible) and Kim Thayil's riffs are timeless.
It's insane how many talented singers were a part of the grunge genre, and Chris Cornell might just be the best of them (or Layne, but it changes every other day for me)