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I drew this! Take a gander:

Hey and welcome to my website! I'll try to consistently update it at least a few times a month and slowly make this something awesome! While you're here, check out marginalia a cool website that shows random smaller websites, which is how I found some of my fav neocities pages so far, Marginalia
Get ready to read a lot about music and shtuff cause I could talk about it for a loooong time:p

Hey y'all, I might not be updating for a while because I'm gonna be away from my computer for 2 weeks, but before I go I've been making some digital art (mostly fanart of games I like) and can't wait to show it off!
I'll make sure to add a new page with all my art when I can, thanks! -5/28/23
I'm back! I'll start updating soon... -6/17/23
I added a music player, if it doesn't work make sure to allow audio on my site! -6/19/23
I got rid of the log, felt it was too similar to this news section. I replaced it with the one and only SPONGEBOB -6/23/23
New page added, meet Hwy74, a music page where all future music pages will link to. Thanks sadgrl.online layout builder but only handmade code from now on! Spongebob is dead. He may come back later who knows -7/1/23
Hey yall, finally added stuff to the Art page, planning on making an About Me next or at some point soon -8/2/23

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More Thoughts: Sorry yall school got me busy - 8/20/23

help me ahh im flying awayyyyy